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今回紹介したいアート作品は、写真家とクリエイティブディレクターである“Stephen McMennamy”さんの手がけた作品です!たった2枚の写真を並べるだけというシンプルな加工画像で、さらに違和感のない完成度でとってもセンスがいいんです!


▼ 巨人にアイスをどうぞ!

▼ うわぁ・・・こんなに沢山のシリアル

loops of fruit + 9 year old and a shovel #funwithfruit… loops part 2 (3's on the way). #WHPcolorplay #combophoto #layout

stephen mcmennamyさん(@smcmennamy)が投稿した写真 –

▼ たばこ煙突?!

cigarette + factory not trying to stir up any trouble. just combining some photos. more #combophoto's ⬅️ here.

stephen mcmennamyさん(@smcmennamy)が投稿した写真 –

▼ 巨人のゴルフは森の中!

golf ball + water tower I've seen this water tower numerous times, but only from the air. if you're landing in Atlanta from the west (and you're on the left side of the plane), you'll see it. it's just beyond the airport and conveniently located right by a golf course, which I where I got the used golf ball (for 75¢). it was kind of fun trying to track down the water tower. I went to google earth and looked for the white dot west of the airport. I took the drone out on a Sunday and learned the hard way that there are automatic height restrictions when you fly a drone around any airport. whatever the limit was, this vantage point seemed to do the trick. not sure why, but the tower from the ground was quite a spectacle, or it was to me anyway. I'll put a ground view photo on @combophotofail. check out more #combophoto's ⬅️ here. #

stephen mcmennamyさん(@smcmennamy)が投稿した写真 –

▼ フォークリフトでミートボール運ぶよー!

▼ チェーンソーでバターを豪快にカット!

▼ バナナえんぴつ?!

▼ シャベルでシリアルを食べさせてる!

spoon + shovel this was an odd one. I'll just say the final image ended up nowhere close to where I started out. rather than over explaining I'll post just a few test shots on @combophotofail so you can see what I'm talking about. basically I hated everything, but my brain eventually sorted it out. once I decided which composition to go with, adding my kid wasn't even part of the equation, but on a whim I had her pose next to the spoon, the whole time she was dying to take a bite, so I finally let her do it, snapped a photo and that ended up being the final shot. a few more #combophoto's ⬅️ here. #cereal #cheerios #spoon #shovel #vscocam. and so for @instagram's #WHPresolutions2015 I'm going to do a better job of watching what my kids eat (and me too). promise.

stephen mcmennamyさん(@smcmennamy)が投稿した写真 –

▼ 消火器が真っ黒なスプレーに!

▼ これじゃ何も切れないよ~!

carrots + scissors ✂️ and an uneventful outtake on @combophotofail. more #combophoto's ⬅️ here. #carrots #scissors #vscocam

stephen mcmennamyさん(@smcmennamy)が投稿した写真 –

▼ 自由自在に動くハンドフォークでスパゲッティを・・・キャー!

▼ ポテトたばこ!やだぁー!w

fries + smokes this took more work than I initially though. I did some early tests on this idea and I found that lining up the perspective of the two objects wasn't the challenge as much as making the fries look right. fast food fries off the shelf (or rack) are consistently imperfect and visually they're pretty thin once they go in to a super size box. I tried numerous times working with "stock" fries, but it just didn't work. in order to match what felt like cigarettes in proportion to the box below I landed on thicker cut frozen fries and just re-propped the whole thing (and actually shot them frozen)… which seemed to work. the construction of this #combophoto really made me appreciate the creative craftiness of the mysterious #foodstylist. you folks make it look easy and you make it look good. hat… tipped #diptych #fries #smokes #food #vsco #vscocam

stephen mcmennamyさん(@smcmennamy)が投稿した写真 –

▼ ジャンケンポンッ!

▼ 人間ハンマーですよぉ~!


いかがですか?(´⊙ω⊙`≡´⊙ω⊙`)1ミリの狂いもなくこんなにピッタリと配置されているのが、またすごいですよね!そしてこのアイデア!ついつい見入ってしまう程でした!Stephen McMennamyさんの作品に以後期待ですね♡w


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